Uni home Keeps Your Homes Clean and Shiny

Home cleaning is an essential service which is very commonly used by the homeowners. Cleaning the home is a bigger project and needed to be handled either by a team of dedicated family members or to hire the dedicated home cleaning services. Mostly the home needs Post renovation cleaning which is the most tedious and complex task.

Unihome cleaning is one of the best house cleaning companies of Singapore, which has been offering its value-added cleansing services since 2005. The company has a complete hold on the various much-required activities involved in the home cleaning. The company has employed highly skilled and well-trained professionals who have expertise in planning and executing a home cleaning procedure within given time. The company offers top quality services to the customers and offers the suitable cleaning solutions by carrying and completing the work within no time.

Most of the house owners found that hiring a part time helper or a cleaner does not help and it needs to be dedicated reliable and trustworthy services. Even when people try hiring live-in domestic helper but found it difficult to share the limited family space with the additional person.

The employees of the company are part of the dedicated staff having insured with work injury insurance. The work-injury insurance is mandatory and will be issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore. Every employee of the company involved in home cleaning is screened and having higher recommendations. The company offers most suitable and easily manageable home cleaning services for the customers.  Customers have to only decide if they want one time cleaning service or more during the year.

Spring cleaning is a more general type of cleaning where the entire home needs to be cleaned once in a year. It needs more people to get involved and it also takes longer time. Unihome cleaning offers various cleaning options and utilities which can help the owners in reducing the duration of the work and offering the best of cleansing solutions in a short span and which changes the look and feel of the home completely.

Every room of the home needs more attention while cleaning. The kitchen and the bathroom always take more time than rest. The professional techniques are used while cleaning the dirt and dust that has been gathered over the years. The company has advanced cleaning techniques the latest set of tools and variety of solutions which can help in cleaning home effortlessly along with the surrounding.


Uni Home The Best Cleaners in City

One of the most difficult tasks is to keep your home or office clean. One of the easy ways is clean it up daily so a lot of dust will not gather at once & it will not be that hard to clean by you singlehandedly. Saying that the hectic schedule a man has in today’s life he can’t get time to do all this cleaning stuff & if you are asking about the holidays, I am sure no one wants their holidays to spend cleaning their house or office. So then steps in Uni Home cleaning, the best cleaners in city with full of professionalism to take care of the cleaning of home or office you are not able to do on your own.

Uni Home cleaning offers us a lot of services like house cleaning weekly, window cleaning, spring cleaning, moving in or out cleaning, post renovation cleaning in home or office, part time cleaning in offices. Some of the offices need cleaners to keep the office clean but they don’t want an increased headcount in their payroll so usually they opt for Uni Home cleaning. They have their own employed cleaners whom they send to the office for doing the cleaning job twice in a week. The company has licensed from NEA as a cleaning company so you don’t have to worry just tell the job & think it done. Not only to an office but cleaners will be sent to your home with cleaning service of any kinds if you want & don’t forget the rates are also very reasonable.

In the part time office cleaning job they cover a lot of things like they will mop & vacuum all the floors, the cleaning & dusting of all the tables will be done, they will clean the glass & the waste paper basket as well & if you want anything more you just have to ask them for it. Nowadays cleaning is very important not only in the house but in offices because if you don’t have a clean office you will not be able to impress the clients who are coming to visit you. The same goes with your house a clean house is much more relaxing & refreshing than a dusty one. So don’t delay if you need a hand in cleaning your office or your house contacts the best cleaning Uni Home to do the job for you.

Cleaning Your House Starry By Unihome

Have you ever felt too tired, and too lazy to even move one of your limbs on a sunday morning, let alone picking your broom for that weekly house cleaning. I know, everyone must be relating with the same. Come On, there is just way too much to do in the entire week, that even cleaning a speck of dirt on your weekend off gets so difficult! It is quite normal, and we feel you! You just got lucky, we got your back! Uni Home Cleaning, offers you with several house cleaning services to help you with all those sunday blues and the messy rooms. They have a wide range of various cleaning service for you to chose from, as and according to the occasion you are having. Of course they have from regular to seasonal, and festive cleaning packages that are amazingly affordable, and worth all the money you will give away.

Part Time Cleaner

Their cleaning service offers you trustable, and efficient Part Time Cleaner. Infact, this company is infamous for their availability of part-time cleaning staff available all time and anywhere. Their staff, that you hire for cleaning comes in ready with all the necessary tools, and cleaning liquids that will be needed for cleaning your place like a star from its stardust history. Although, a lot of people find it hard to hire cleaning service as they find it difficult to trust on a bunch of staff with all their valuable stuff.But the Uni Home Cleaning team assures you to put aside all your worries, as each and every one of their staff is manpower ministry (MOM) approved. You don’t have to worry about anything, their staff believes in delivering their best service, and a happy client. Their motto is to stay clean, and spread clean.

I am sure you are not just wanting to clean your house regularly, but even make it festive ready! Yes, you read it right. The Uni Home Cleaning offers its customers with an interesting cleaning package, namely, Spring cleaning to make your house ready for that summer party. This cleaning spree includes, dusting, cleaning grills, and furniture, wiping floors, and cleaning washrooms. You don’t have to move your limb. You can sleep on it, or read a book, water your plants, or eat that chinese dine out by the time they are done with cleaning your house like a shining marble adorned castle.

Make Your Perfect Choice Of Post Renovation Cleaning

It is the service that clears your offices, houses, shops and much more with affordable price. Cleanliness is something that is prime necessary to many of us, but not all of us like to clean. We love it when our homes and office space are clean well and organized. But it’s unattainable for all people to dedicate the time needed to improve. If you are one such person, hiring a professional supplier for cleaning service is the best solution for you.Uni Home is a professional quality cleaning service provider. They were we started cleaning quality services at 2005.

The main aim of uni home is that to provide cleaning services work to part time clean, part time maid, house cleaner etc. Also, they are able to provide full-time the cleaner for houses, offices, shops etc. they strongly believe in quality cleaning service. They rapidly enhance the cleaning quality.They have good experience team for Part Time Cleaning services and full-time services. They offer weekly house cleaning, window cleaning, spring cleaning,moving in/out cleaning,part-time office cleaning, post renovation cleaning, carpet cleaning and other services.

Post Renovation Cleaning

There is the number of professional cleaning service provider is available in Singapore. All have the different quality to approach the cleaning work, But due to the quality of service tool they used, Due to them reliable, prompt, trustworthy and affordable. It makes them the popular cleaner service provider in Singapore. Also, they are well known for the Moving Out Cleaning. Basically,Uni Home professional cleaning service understands the work quality. Because in cleaning services, quality is the most.

You must have to give quality service, otherwise, nobody can bring them to the service again. A professional commercial cleaning company can turn into commercial building into a building that you can be proud of. It looks like a new. They are also willing to clean certain things, even if they are not items that they normally clean. They understand the good cleaning business will strive to make you happy and content with these services.

 Nowadays,Uni Home is the largest and biggest network of quality cleaning services in Singapore. They are excellent in all related cleaning services. For Spring Cleaning,they have good experience and skill to provide this quality service with affordable price. Hence,Uni Home is the best priority today for professional cleaning service provider in Singapore with innovative work and affordable price.

You Can Select Best House Cleaning And Moving Out Cleaning

We all prefer to maintain cleanliness and it is actually a very good habit since keeping everything clean means away from diseases and ailments. Our houses are actually filled with various items and it is very common that the corner and the other items like the upholstery, carpets, curtains and kitchen and toilets are required to be cleaned very often. But regular cleaning methods and conventional cleaning actually does not help in getting rid of pests and other harmful germs that actually accumulates in the corners and under the cabinets and in the kitchen and toilets. It is very essential to get our houses thoroughly cleaned through the help of professionals who use the best cleaning treatments in getting rid of all kinds of germs and other kinds of pests and dirt.

In Singapore the name of our company Uni-home-cleaning is one of the most professional cleaning companies with a very high reputation in the market of Singapore with great recognition as the best and the most professional cleaning service provider. We have very exclusive House cleaning in Singapore and we have the most experience and highly trained team of experts who are very much efficient in cleaning the houses very thoroughly and also with very high end gadgets and treatments and it helps in getting rid of all kinds of pests, dirt and germs. Besides that our cleaning team ensures that each and every item of the house is cleaned with great care and precision and professionalism.

House Cleaning

Our company being in the market for many decades have many clients who avails our service every time they have a requirement and our services are made available at our website and we can also be contacted over the phone. We also have various offers and discount which are very exclusive and the best in the market of Singapore. Besides that we have various other cleaning services and our Window cleaning is Singapore is very highly appreciated by  all our clients since we also clean the windows of tall buildings and skyscrapers very efficiently and we have all the safety equipment’s and gadgets to handle the job very professionally.

We are also into the business of Moving Out Cleaning and we ensure that a perfect cleaning job is delivered to our clients. We maintain the highest quality in delivering our services and also maintain different professional teams for different cleaning services.


Singapore is a city with many beautiful and tall buildings and skyscrapers and also many beautiful houses which adds to the attraction of the city. The city is also very popular since it has many beautiful and high tech buildings and these buildings are fitted with beautiful glasses on all sides and it gives out a very exotic and elegant look to the whole structure. But cleaning these glass windows in very tall buildings and skyscrapers is not an easy task and requires highly experienced and trained experts. Our company has been dealing in cleaning these glasses in Singapore for many decades and our professionals are provided with the latest gadgets and safety equipments to clean the glasses in these tall buildings with ease and with precision. Our window cleaning services in Singapore is very well recognized as very professional and to be the best in the market.

We employ only those people who are very highly trained and extremely professionals with many years of experience and we believe in delivering the best quality service to our clients. We have availed our website at https://www.unihomecleaning.com.sg/ and also with the best and the most affordable rates. Our services can also be availed by giving us a call and our representatives will ensure that all your requirements are met. Our window cleaning in Singapore is recognized by many of our clients as the best in the market of Singapore.

window cleaning
Window Cleaning

Our other services are also very renowned and are recognized as the most professional in Singapore and we have great experienced experts who are very efficient in Post renovation cleaning and they have a very great knowledge about the whole cleaning process. Besides that our services are very affordable and we never compromise with the quality of our services.


Singapore is considered as one of the busiest cities of the world with most of the people is from the working class. Many people not only from Singapore but from various other countries are employed by various companies, industries, hotels, restaurants and offices and these people are required to be very hardworking, punctual and disciplined. The working environment in the city of Singapore is very strict and demanding since the market is very competitive and all these offices and companies are required to meet their targets on time. It becomes very difficult for the working class people to maintain their own houses or clean it properly and they require professional help. Our House cleaning in Singapore is many decades old business and we have highly qualified professionals who are very efficient in cleaning houses very neatly and thoroughly and our services are also very affordable.

house cleaning in singapore
House Cleaning In Singapore

We also deal in many other services which are very highly recognized and we maintain a very high quality professional service. We have also availed our website at https://www.unihomecleaning.com.sg and we also offer various discounted packages and offers for our customers. Besides that our Post renovation cleaning services are recognized as the most efficient and professional in the market of Singapore since we engage the most efficient and experienced team who are very capable in delivering a very satisfied and quality service delivered to our customers.

Our agency is very efficient in all kinds of cleaning services and we do not compromise easily but we constantly strive to deliver the best and the most effective and reliable service delivered to our customers at a very reasonable and affordable rate. Besides that our specialization in Moving out cleaning is highly appreciated since we have much experience and expertise in such cleaning services.

Effective And The Most Advanced Cleaning Services In Singapore

We all prefer cleanliness at home and also at our offices and these days people have a very tight and busy schedule working at various offices and companies. Most of these people are unable to do the cleaning on their own their own and they require professional help to do the cleaning. In Singapore we have been providing cleaning services to our customers and clients for many decades and we have trained cleaners who are equipped with the latest techniques and gadgets to provide with a very clean house and office and our Part time cleaning services are very efficient and we clean each and every part with great precision and perfectness. Besides that our cleaning services are very affordable and we maintain a very high quality job completion and work up to the expectation of our customers and clients. Our best and the most efficient services are available through our website at http://www.unihomecleaning.com.sg and we also avail great discounts and offers.

Our other services include our spring cleaning and we have experts for handling such cleaning. Our cleaners are very well trained and reliable and our services are very fast.

Besides that we greatly understand the problem faced by our customers in maintaining their houses and they hardly get enough time to clean their houses. We can also understand that cleaning the house might not be an easy task and we have very qualified professionals for House cleaning Singapore who do a very excellent job of through cleaning and they also clean every nook and corner with precision. Our cleaners also clean your upholstery, carpets, expensive decorative items very carefully and with perfectness and give you a very clean and healthy air to breathe. Our exclusive services are very affordable and we maintain a very high quality service.

Efficient And The Most Professional Cleaning Services In Singapore

Singapore is a city where we can find many big hotels, restaurants, business houses, elegant houses and offices. All these places are very busy during working hours with lots of activities going around and with many visitors and guests visiting very frequently. In such a scenario it becomes very essential to maintain cleanliness and a healthy environment. Our agency is an age old professional cleaning agency providing services to many of our clients on regular basis. Our cleaning services are very efficient and we deal exclusively as part time cleaner in Singapore and our experts does the cleaning job very professionally and efficiently. Our services are very affordable and we do not compromise with the quality of the work. Besides that our services can be most easily availed by you through our website at http://www.unihomecleaning.com.sg/ or you may also contact us over the phone and our representatives will visit you and help you with your requirement.

We are an agency who is very disciplined and punctual and we maintain a very high quality service delivery to our clients.

Post renovation cleaning

We also deal greatly in Post renovation cleaning and our experts being very experienced and professional in this field has a great understanding about the cleaning process before renovation and they provide a thorough cleaning and making it easy for the renovation job to be done smoothly. Our agency is one of the highly recognized agencies in the market of Singapore and our services are also in great demand. We have many high profile clients who are very satisfied with our exclusive services.

Besides that we also have experts who have much proficiency in dealing with Moving out cleaning and they are very specific in maintaining a very high professionalism and we also believe in delivering the best and the most satisfied job done for our clients.

Ensure Of Choosing Perfect Moving Out Cleaning Services

If you are searching for a good cleaning service provider, then it requires some good research for it. You should be very serious in having a good look at the right expertise that can carry out their work in the best manner. Once it becomes possible in finding the right moving out cleaning that would add to your own fulfillment. So, it can definitely help in fulfilling your own purpose where it would refrain from spending a lot of money from your pocket as well.

You have to know as to how it would be possible to find time effective services as this would never make you get worried. If it is possible for you in checking for their past records of their work, then it would help you to stay yourself free from any sort of problem at all. By checking their reviews, it would provide you with the best and clear idea of their quality of services. So, by choosing the perfect and experienced spring cleaning services, it would also never make you feel disappointed at all.

It can also be the best thing to opt for the best service provider for spring cleaning that would help in bringing a big smile as well. This is because once you are 100% confident of their quality of service it would definitely help in proving to be much useful. Therefore you need to know as to how it can be possible to find all information on their service quality that would make you feel proud of your right choice. You should try to find all the right details whether it can be possible to find some good discounts or offers from their particular cleaning services. This would help in finding yourself quite more profitable as well in the best way.