Cleaning Your House Starry By Unihome

Have you ever felt too tired, and too lazy to even move one of your limbs on a sunday morning, let alone picking your broom for that weekly house cleaning. I know, everyone must be relating with the same. Come On, there is just way too much to do in the entire week, that even cleaning a speck of dirt on your weekend off gets so difficult! It is quite normal, and we feel you! You just got lucky, we got your back! Uni Home Cleaning, offers you with several house cleaning services to help you with all those sunday blues and the messy rooms. They have a wide range of various cleaning service for you to chose from, as and according to the occasion you are having. Of course they have from regular to seasonal, and festive cleaning packages that are amazingly affordable, and worth all the money you will give away.

Part Time Cleaner

Their cleaning service offers you trustable, and efficient Part Time Cleaner. Infact, this company is infamous for their availability of part-time cleaning staff available all time and anywhere. Their staff, that you hire for cleaning comes in ready with all the necessary tools, and cleaning liquids that will be needed for cleaning your place like a star from its stardust history. Although, a lot of people find it hard to hire cleaning service as they find it difficult to trust on a bunch of staff with all their valuable stuff.But the Uni Home Cleaning team assures you to put aside all your worries, as each and every one of their staff is manpower ministry (MOM) approved. You don’t have to worry about anything, their staff believes in delivering their best service, and a happy client. Their motto is to stay clean, and spread clean.

I am sure you are not just wanting to clean your house regularly, but even make it festive ready! Yes, you read it right. The Uni Home Cleaning offers its customers with an interesting cleaning package, namely, Spring cleaning to make your house ready for that summer party. This cleaning spree includes, dusting, cleaning grills, and furniture, wiping floors, and cleaning washrooms. You don’t have to move your limb. You can sleep on it, or read a book, water your plants, or eat that chinese dine out by the time they are done with cleaning your house like a shining marble adorned castle.


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