Uni home Keeps Your Homes Clean and Shiny

Home cleaning is an essential service which is very commonly used by the homeowners. Cleaning the home is a bigger project and needed to be handled either by a team of dedicated family members or to hire the dedicated home cleaning services. Mostly the home needs Post renovation cleaning which is the most tedious and complex task.

Unihome cleaning is one of the best house cleaning companies of Singapore, which has been offering its value-added cleansing services since 2005. The company has a complete hold on the various much-required activities involved in the home cleaning. The company has employed highly skilled and well-trained professionals who have expertise in planning and executing a home cleaning procedure within given time. The company offers top quality services to the customers and offers the suitable cleaning solutions by carrying and completing the work within no time.

Most of the house owners found that hiring a part time helper or a cleaner does not help and it needs to be dedicated reliable and trustworthy services. Even when people try hiring live-in domestic helper but found it difficult to share the limited family space with the additional person.

The employees of the company are part of the dedicated staff having insured with work injury insurance. The work-injury insurance is mandatory and will be issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore. Every employee of the company involved in home cleaning is screened and having higher recommendations. The company offers most suitable and easily manageable home cleaning services for the customers.  Customers have to only decide if they want one time cleaning service or more during the year.

Spring cleaning is a more general type of cleaning where the entire home needs to be cleaned once in a year. It needs more people to get involved and it also takes longer time. Unihome cleaning offers various cleaning options and utilities which can help the owners in reducing the duration of the work and offering the best of cleansing solutions in a short span and which changes the look and feel of the home completely.

Every room of the home needs more attention while cleaning. The kitchen and the bathroom always take more time than rest. The professional techniques are used while cleaning the dirt and dust that has been gathered over the years. The company has advanced cleaning techniques the latest set of tools and variety of solutions which can help in cleaning home effortlessly along with the surrounding.


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